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Simplicity is a anthropomorphic personification created by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: DeltaKiwi Megantereon, Reagent Omnicron, Perfect Omegacron X
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar, Drew Nilium
Status: Active cosmic being
Usability: Not Reserved


The cosmic embodiment of Simplicity first appeared when Ultimate Mercenary and his allies were jumping across time and space, escaping from the Crossover Queen's citadel and visiting like fifty million different crossovers. Irked by this convoluted chronology, Simplicity tried to make up for it by simplifying UM and his allies, but they won through the power of character development.

Years later, during the rift crisis, at the moment when the LNH's convolution had seemingly torn it apart, he appeared just to say "I told you so" and then vanished. What a jerk.

When the sabertooth pandemic hit, Simplicity attempted to attack Jeanne Morningstar for making this plot, too, so convoluted, but was driven off by Editing of the Finishless. However...


Kind of a jerk, actually. Fed up with the Looniverse and all its convolutions. (He probably doesn't like this wiki very much.)

Uses "it" and "he" pronouns alternatingly.

Powers and Abilities

The usual types of powers of a Gruenwald-style cosmic being. In his own realm, had the power to transform anyone into the simplest possible version of themself.[1]

Cannot directly influence the mortal realm, but must act thru agents, avatars, and items, including the Ring of Simplification.


A stick figure drawing with wings and a flaming sword. Transformed into a number of different forms during the big showdown at the end of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!.


Complexity is Simplicity's sibling and anthropomorphic opposite.



  1. Which works very similarly to the Ring of Simplification, which is remarkable as Jeanne Morningstar had not read those issues of The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man at the time.