Crossover Queen

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The Crossover Queen is a conqueror of the Net created by Jeff Barnes.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Louise Simonson
Primary Writer: None
Status: Multiversal conquerer actively at war
Usability: Free For Use


Pre-Cry.Sig, the Crossover Queen was X-Men writer/editor Louise Simonson. As of Ultimate Mercenary #6, her origin has changed considerably, and System Corruptors #28 revealed her millennia-long history, as a cosmic former hero from rec.arts.anime.creative in another iteration of the Usenetverse, who gathered an order of battle-sisters around a round Table and brought peace to alt.flame and Usenet, but struck a terrible deal and became a queen of war, and was only taken down by her own comrades, and sealed away, on her love's home, the planet H'yddee'uz...

When the LNH began, the Crossover Queen took advantage of the rampant crossover chaos in an attempt to conquer the Net. With her henchmen Royalty King and Pointless Death Man she battled the entire LNH and was narrowly defeated by Continuity Champ, who sent her to alt.lwaxana-troi.die.die.die with the Ring of Retcon. (During the Cry.Sig she also used a Reality Ray to destroy Canada for the first, though by no means the last, time.) She then briefly gained control of the Crossover Gem but became stranded in Within a few years, she'd reached a low enough point that she'd been deafeated by Hamster Man, and hung out with the remains of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains to lick her wounds.

But over many years, she gradually rebuilt her power and sought revenge on the LNH. She attacked Earth when Plot-Error Man's failed attempt at retconning the Looniverse caused her to become Captain Killfile's mother, along with millions of other women. During Beige Midnight, she took the Crossover Gem once more and attacked the LNH with an army of personifications of LNH crossovers.

After Beige Midnight, she absorbed the powers of the Elder Gods that Ultimate Ninja had killed and returned to the level of power she had in her youth. Since then she has conquered great swathes of Usenet, with the goal of restoring it to its past glory. She seeks to create the Ultimate Crossover, which would involve the entire Internet. To this end she planned to use The Hungry Past to reboot the Looniverse so that it would be accessible to new readers. She used the Crossover Citadel to travel into Flame Wars VI and recruit or capture people from universes destroyed in that crossover to uses as servants or sacrifices to call up the Hungry Past. Ultimate Mercenary and his allies put a stop to her; he tore out her heart (which is made of a cold grey stone) while Victoria Arden threw it into the fire, killing her...

...though not for long. She returned in Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have An Ending, seeking to collect the crossover energy that was pouring into the world. She sent General Merissa out to accomplish this task. But while much energy was consecrated to her power and glory, Merissa turned on her, robbing her of the true prize, the Kubrik's Kube, and the combined power of Manga Girl, Mashup Laq, the Legion of Young.Heroes and the LNH3k routed her army.

But now her attention is fully turned to the Omnilooniverse. Now, the Beigewar has truly begun...


Before her recharge in Beige Midnight, she was a typical would-be universal conqueror type, ruthless and maniacal. Afterward, she changed considerably, becoming more dignified and menacing. She conducts herself with a queenly majesty surrounding a core of white-hot anger.

Powers and Abilities

The Crossover Queen is ruler of the planet H'yddee'uzzz (known as H'yyydde'uz before Infinite April and H'yddee'uz before Beige Noon). She has access to powerful alien technology, such as the Reality Ray. She wields dominion over the Crossover Citadel, whose Crossover Engines have the ability to link together any two works of fiction, granting her the ability to shift between dimensions. Post-Beige Midnight, she also possesses vast mystical powers and near-invulnerability, along with an army of gorillas with jetpacks.


A tall, pale, statuesque woman who wears dark purple robes and a crimson cape (which billows dramatically even if there is no wind) and a golden crown inlaid with Kirbytech patterns. Once every year she wears a veil for the "Day of Mourning," whose purpose is yet unknown.


After taking it upon herself to fix the shenanigans at the 20th Annual RACCies, the 22nd saw her awarded Favorite Villain/Antagonist.