Plot-Error Man

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Plot-Error Man is a reluctant net.ahuman created by Jef Kolodziej.
Alter Ego: Benjamin Pierce
Aliases: Ulysses Ploteau
Primary Writer: None
Status: Living in the Sixniverse
Usability: Free For Use


Back in the days of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, Ben Pierce was a bored would-be comics artist trying to start a career. He fell prey to the manipulations of net.villains when he was hit with a radioactive pencil and given the power to change the structure of stories. He was brainwashed into becoming a net.villain by the name of Plot-Error Man, but the LNH eventually managed to get ahold of him and restore his original personality.

Afterwards, Ben returned to a normal life[1]. He managed to get a reasonably successful career in comics going, got married, and started a family. But years later, Pointless Awards Man IV appeared and recruited him into helping start a RACCies cascade. PAM IV brought Plot-Error Man to the citadel of a nonexistent version of the Time Crapper, where the timestream existed as a towering crystal wall. Plot-Error Man tried to make the necessary retcons, but he first cracked the timestream, then spilled coffee on it, leading to temporal chaos. PAM IV tried to stop it, but Plot-Error Man's powers expanded outward, and a universe was created; a world where the RACC Writers were famous, award-winning authors, and the LNH was a multi-million-dollar industry...

Later, several characters were pulled across universes by the Issue Six Crystal and landed in the presence of Plot-Error Man, under the new identity of Ulysses Ploteau. He revealed that, in using his powers on the cracked timestream, he had accidentally broken off a piece of time and created a world that fulfilled his wishes – the Sixniverse.


Reluctant to enter action, but has a wistful desire for it. Has a tendency to be brought out of his element and manipulated by various forces.

Powers and Abilities

Mutant power to affect the course of any story, but only as long as he's not part of the story himself.


Originally, a fairly normal-looking man. As Ulysses Ploteau, was impeccably dressed in a suit, tie, and bowler hat, and affected a Belgian accent.



  1. He'd been referred to at one point as a member of the LNH, voting to induct Elvis Man onto the team, but this could be an effect of his powers.