Elvis Man

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Elvis Man is a net.hero created by Gary St. Lawrence.
Alter Ego: Elvis Presley (?)
Aliases: Young Elvis Man
Primary Writer: Gary St. Lawrence
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team); member of Saint Squad
Usability: Not Reserved


Voted into the LNH when the group was feeling generous. May or may not be the real thing, but he sure thinks he is.

Someone calling themselves "Young Elvis Man" was a member of the Classics Squad on their last mission in 1956. Hmmmmm.

Possibly an Idolon, or even a Net.God... who even knows.


Very similar to the pop-culture idea of Elvis Presley.

Powers and Abilities

Vocals, karate and hip-kido.


Looks like Elvis. Wears sequins and rings.


Manilow Man of the Oddball Legion may or may not be one of Elvis Man's alternate-universe counterparts. Hard to say.