Beige Noon

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Beige Noon was an event that happened during the Two-and-a-Half Month Gap. Never actually published as a story, it was depicted in a flashback in the miniseries 501 Blues: A Lurk of Faith.

The Bryttle Brothers, Dekay and Diskolor, attacked the Looniearth. They killed millions, including LNHers like Irony Man and Mainstream Man, but were stopped by Four-Color Kid, who sacrificed his life by exploding into a burst of color that sealed away the Bryttles, revitalized the Looniverse, and brought back the people who were killed.

The event marked a symbolic division between the Cosmic Plot Device Caper era and all the LNH stories that came after.


The Bryttle Brothers returned at the end of the multi-writer project Infinite Leadership Crisis, having tempted Bart the Dark Receptionist into a deal to free them. Their return was the looming threat behind Beige Countdown and Beige Midnight.


Beige Noon was inspired by the "Black Dawn" crisis in the Giffen-Birnbaum Legion of Super-Heroes's Five Year Gap.