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Toony Stork is a former net.hero created by Doug Moran. See also Irony Man II.
Alter Ego: Carthoony Stork
Aliases: Irony Man
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team), retired, current financial backer of the LNH
Usability: Free For Use


Toony Stork was a publisher who often worked in conjunction with the US government; while conducting a personal evaluation of the use of his printing plant, he was nearly killed by a falling copy of War and Peace. A sentence fragment damaged his heart, and only his quick thinking and the creation of his hardsuit saved his life. Donning the life-saving armor, he became known as Irony Man.

According to some accounts, he was a founding member of the LNH, and has definitely been a member since before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper. For years, he was one of the team's powerhouses, as well as one of their main financial supporters. When the Ultimate Ninja decided to create a rotating roster of tsk.forces, he assigned Irony Man as their first leader.

About a year before the Infinite Leadership Cry.sig, he formed a friendship with Hex Luthor, which later helped him become a member of the HexFire Club as the Beige Knight. After the Cry.sig, he ran in the 2007 LNH Election, but lost to the Ultimate Ninja. It was revealed in Beige Countdown that he formed an alliance with the HexFire Club to stop a great, world-destroying crisis, which Charlie Hustle and his own future self had warned him about. The great crisis turned out to be Beige Midnight.

During Beige Midnight, he found himself making more and more compromises to the evil of the HexFire Club. In the end, he helped bring them down, but was distrusted by the rest of the LNH. Seeking redemption but feeling unworthy of it, he went on a suicide mission to destroy Mynabird – only for Mynabird and the entire Legion of Net.Villains to abruptly disappear, leaving the world at large with the impression that Irony Man was the great hero who had ended the crisis, and Toony himself feeling like even more of a fake.

After Beige Midnight, he took a leave of absence, and the mysterious Irony Man II took his place. He came back when the Dorf virus threatened the Looniearth— or so it seemed! But when it counted, Toony was there, and revealed his darkest secret: how he had failed the woman known as Captain LNH. This revelation ended the invasion, and gave Toony a measure of peace, that all his failures had managed to help someone in the end.

After his retirement from active duty, Toony continued to fund a significant proportion of the Legion's monetary needs. He threw himself into corporate philanthropy, but found it lacking. So when Time Crapper IV, calling him "grandfather", told him to return to Net.ropolis, he did. He bumped into Merissa, who also considered him her grandfather, and the grandfather to all Vectors. They formed a bond, and Toony went to get his old giant robot project out of mothballs; after realizing he had given the pieces away, the two of them went thru an unnecessarily dangerous sequence and battled against MechaKiwi Wondersock and the Monster Legion of the Deep Omnilooniverse!

Afterward, Toony moved back to Net.ropolis and became Merissa's mentor.


Thoughtful, with definite leadership abilities. Moody, and can be kind of an egotistical jerk. In his alter ego of billionaire Toony Stork, he presents the carefree attitude of a jet-setting playboy; however, when he dons the armor of Irony Man, he becomes more intense and serious. Politically conservative, though this has increasingly softened over time.

Powers and Abilities

Ability to emit and detect irony. Has superstrength, flight, and other powers when wearing his hardsuit.


As Irony Man, he wore a red and gold suit of armor, whose configuration changed depending on the artist, but which generally had a faceplate with eye and mouth slits.


His alternate-universe counterparts include Irony Laq of Looniverse-Dantalion.