Hexadecimal Luthor

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Hexadecimal Luthor is a net.villain and politician created by Chris Hare.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Deposed ex-leader
Usability: Not Reserved


Hex Luthor was originally the arch-enemy of Bicycle Repair Lad. A scheming mad scientist, he was repeatedly defeated by BRL until he hatched a world-changing plan, pushing the Cosmic Reset Button and altering history so that he had been elected President of the Loonited States instead of George W. Bush.

He embarked on an ambitious gambit to control the LNH, the Loonited States, and the world. As Beige King of the HexFire Club (originally the Heckfire Club before he reset history), he pulled together a set of villainous masterminds. As President, he passed the Net.ahuman Responsibility Act, filling the LNH with newbie net.ahumans who had Freedom Chips placed in their heads. He corrupted Irony Man to his side, promising him a world of peace and order. He imprisoned Bicycle Repair Lad, the only one who knew who he once was, and Ultimate Ninja, replaced by wReamicus Maximus in a clone body. And one by one, he found the pieces of the Cosmic Plot Device, the ultimate power in the Looniverse.

He was close to signing a treaty with the whole world, to place Freedom Chips in the heads of citizens of all nations, when it all fell apart. The LNH Resistance and the Legion of Net.Villains both showed up at the ceremony, his control over the heroes turned out to be not what he thought it was, and even the Cosmic Plot Device failed him. His true plans were revealed to every person in the world, and he was thoroughly thrown out of power.

Salvaging a chance from the wreckage, he offered the LNH a plan to implant a weakness in Bart the Dark Receptionist before he gained cosmic power. He delivered on the plan, all right, but still found time to doublecross, stealing a personal time-travel pack. Of course, this had been anticipated, and he ended up stuck in the age of dinosaurs until the LNH got around to getting him back.

Sent to prison, he used the skills he'd cultivated in his original history as a criminal and the blackmail material he'd accumulated in his new lifetime to get the ear of the new President, Bad Judgment Boy, who gave him a full pardon and nominated him in the LNH leadership election!


Sometimes megalomaniacal, sometimes a subtle manipulator, always in pursuit of power.

Powers and Abilities

Extremely intelligent, as well as a fine strategic thinker. At different points, has had access to vast political power, super-science, the upper-crust social control of the HexFire Club, and lots and lots of money.


Probably he's bald.

<comb thru stories to see if he was ever described>


In both the 2008 and 2009 RACCies, the voters awarded him the distinction of RACCies:Favorite Villain/Antagonist.