Time Crapper IV

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Time Crapper IV is a time traveler created by Saxon Brenton and Rob Rogers. See also other versions of the Time Crapper.
Alter Ego: Vector
Aliases: Vector Time, The Ravishing Redhead of Retcons
Primary Writer: None
Status: Off doing mysterious stuff
Usability: Not Reserved


The fourth Time Crapper began life as Vector Time, a Vector Prime clone with time-manipulating powers. Ultimate Mercenary and his allies fought her during their escape from the Crossover Citadel, and she was caught in their temporal wake, battling them across several different crossovers. Manga Girl tricked her into sending them to the end of the universe, where Vector Time came face to face with Humanity. Humanity made her question her goals and purpose, and, gazing into its past and coming face to face with the full beauty and complexity of history, she abandoned her former supervillainous nature and evolved into a new incarnation of the Time Crapper.

This Time Crapper appeared to Fourth Wall Lass during the events of Birth of a Villain. She gave her the Potion of Commotion, explaining that, as a clone of Vector, her existence was threatened by wReamicus Maximus's plans.

She showed up during the Dorf attack in Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #50, intervening at a crucial moment to get a scroll hidden in the Dungeons and Dragons-esque subbasements of the LNHQ. When Irony Man II confronted her over it, she revealed that not too long in IM2's personal future, they were married.

When LAN.os began his plot to get the power of the Kubrik's Kube, the Time Crapper was there, working behind the scenes. The Omnilooniverse was destroyed, and reformed, and she witnessed it; and she used this knowledge, along with the instructions on the scroll, to guide Net.Access to the center of the Omnilooniverse, where lay the true Kube, where lay the secret hidden within.

During the sabertooth crisis, she revealed that her deeper quest was to understand – what makes one person a hero and another a villain, why the same template can lead to extremes of good or evil. She helped Carolyn Forge become Doctor Killfile II, and then worked to undo her plans, resurrecting Captain Continuity alongside Betamax. She also decided to try caring about family, helping her grandfather (in a sense), Toony Stork, connect to her sister (in a similar sense), Merissa, and freeing another sister (sense), the Crime Empress.

She also has a number of duplicates who were possessed by OMAR and then turned into sheep, which Net.Access sent to alt.alien.sheep.baa.baa.baa.


As Vector Time, she was a fairly typical megalomanical Vector clone. As the Time Crapper, she is a cryptic manipulator with a strong intellectual curiosity.

Powers and Abilities

As Vector Time, she could summon up people from the past and future, travel through time, and duplicate herself. The full scope and nature of her abilities as the Time Crapper remain unknown.


A hooded figure in a robe. Underneath, a tall, buxom redheaded woman.


She considers all Vectors to be her siblings, and Toony Stork to be their grandfather. She has a complicated maybe-romantic relationship with Betamax.