Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story (series)

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A three-issue miniseries about entropy, a clash of Looniverses, and Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story in his first solo role! Written by Saxon Brenton.


Kid NAIARHS is thrown into the distant future, meeting Humanity, the personification of all sentient races, who tells him that, due to net.heroes, the universe is doomed to expand forever, and tells him a story...

Due to circumstances too silly to relate, the Looniverse is split into two, one with all the parodies of DC and one with all the parodies of Marvel (along with much tinier ones representing parodies of stuff like Milestone and Malibu). Cosmic beings representing these send the heroes of each into battle, with the losers' world being destroyed, but not everyone's willing to let that happen...

The Bouts

Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story vs. Maui!
Lobotomy vs. Wolfenblitz!
Macroman vs. Makkaroni!
Halls Jordan vs. The Radiant Rollerblader!
The Somnambulist vs. Net.Mare!
Net.Thing vs. Stupid Thing!
Elastic Sock vs. Mister Thingy!

Other Characters

  • Humanity: In the twilight of the universe, all sapient species have banded together, and Humanity is their name.
  • Ny!Lon!: An evil sock!
  • The Drizzt: Cosmic entity wearing jeans.
  • Net.Access: Fulcrum of the split Looniverses.

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