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Tick. Tock.

Do you hear that?

That's the sound of the universe winding down.

And when the universe has wound down, after the stars have burnt out, after the galaxies have stopped in their mad whirl, after even the lightless warmth of black holes has died to mere embers... Humanity will be there.

At one possible end of the universe, Humanity is the last living being, the universal consciousness of all sapient races (for all beings call themselves "human" in their own tongue). By this point, a million billion billion billion billion years into the future, the Looniverse is dying, unable to renew itself due to the energies used in the many universe-shattering events of the net.hero era. They have gathered together, huddling by the last sources of energy, to seek answers, to speak to any weary traveler who finds themselves at the end, and to find a way out.

And perhaps they will find a light in the darkness.