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Net.Access is a protector of reality created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: Alice Ashdown
Aliases: Lydia Forward
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar
Status: Could be anywhere, really. Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of The Liminals
Usability: Free For Use


And so it came to pass that, due to Cosmic Events too contrived and silly to describe here, the Looniverse was sundered into two. (Actually, many more than two, but the important stuff happened in the two big ones, as it usually does.) Alice Ashdown, a seemingly normal student at Dave Thomas Deluxe University who majored in comparative literature, was left as the only remnant of the united Looniverse, and as Net.Access, was the only one who could bring them back together.

But as she was about to step into the Looniverse-made-whole, Ny!Lon! knocked her out and stepped through instead. She was left stranded outside of reality, but due to the nature of her powers, she didn't stay in Limbo, instead washing up in on the shores of Jeanne Morningstar's subconscious.

They wrote her into the Sentry universe as Lydia Forward, but when that series fell apart, she ended up back in Limbo. She was picked up by the Crossover Citadel, her powers allowing her to hold on to her identity and memories even in that strange place, and she met Victoria Arden there. She brought Ultimate Mercenary and Masterplan Lad to them, but phased out of reality, trailing ghostly behind the three of them until Victoria turned the Reversion Ray Projector on her, restoring her to Alice Ashdown.

Together with Manga Girl II, they headed off, through Hypertext Time, into an amazing adventure...

...which most of them didn't remember, once they came out in Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have An Ending, sans Ultimate Mercenary. Net.Access leapt into her next adventure (though not before a confusing-but-amorous moment with Victoria), taking the Legion to confront LAN.os and stop him from getting Kubrik's Kube. But it turned out that she herself was instrumental to his plan, being able to use her reality-spanning powers to access the Friend Zone along with her friends. Fortunately, said powers made it rather simple to deal with LAN.os – unfortunately, that was when the universe started to fall apart!

When Net.Access seemed to be the only thing left, said friends brought the Omnilooniverse back through sheer enthusiasm for stories, and her amorous moment with Victoria turned into a real relationship. But she couldn't stop – not when the Crossover Queen returned, and not when she was the only one who could fix the flaw in the cosmos once and for all! Alongside Time Crapper IV, she traveled to the center of the Omnilooniverse, and was faced with a decision – what to do with the One True Ending of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, whose power could save continuity or destroy it. But with the advice of heroes past, present and future, she sent it into the rifts, releasing inspiration to all LNH stories from every era!

Afterward, she had a chance to settle down, feeling out a relationship with Victoria. The two of them, plus Masterplan Lad and Manga Girl, formed their own subgroup, The Liminals, and had adventures in romance and identity. She helped Victoria search for connections to her past, but this ground to a halt as their Writer lost their motivation, leading the Liminals to battle the Shoe Devil to get it back.


In all her incarnations, a relatively normal person burdened with great power and trying to make the best of it.

Has a fondness for classical mythology. Admires the LNH a lot, and is dedicated to the ideal of being a hero.

Attracted to ladies, possibly dudes?

Is a huge fan of Xena.

Powers and Abilities

Net.Access is the link between all the worlds and planes of the Internetverse. She can sense connections and travel along them, bringing others with her. She can draw on weapons and artifacts from any continuity she isn't currently in.


A white girl with curly auburn hair. In casual style, tends to wear nerd mashup shirts and worn-out jeans. As Net.Access, dresses in a green and orange costume, tailored to the genre she's in at the moment.


Girlfriends with Forsaken Lass.