Manga Girl II

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Manga Girl II is a net.hero/embodiment of divine creativity created by Jeanne Morningstar (character), Amabel Holland (concept). See also Manga Girl, Manga Girl III, Manga Girl (20)
Alter Ego: Sakura Mangas
Aliases: Devil Manga
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of The Liminals
Usability: Usable With Permission


Manga Girl is the magically created daughter of Manga Man Gold, Galatea and Circe. For a long time, she didn't have a name for herself other than "Manga Girl"; she eventually chose the name "Sakura Mangas."[1]

She is the RACC counterpart of the previous Manga Girl, who was from rec.arts.anime.creative. At some point, she was transformed by the Anti-Moderator into a Headhunter and sent after Ultimate Mercenary. UM freed her from the Anti-Moderator's control using the Power Kirby, after which she kissed him, then realized she didn't know who he is. Together with Victoria Arden, Net.Access, and Masterplan Lad, they narrowly escaped the Crossover Citadel. While jumping through time, she joined the LNH during the Infinite Leadership Crisis and was the only one of UM's group who didn't blow up the LNHQ during her leadership tenure.

She and the others traveled into Hypertext Time – and came out in Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have An Ending, without Ultimate Mercenary and without memories of quite what had happened. But the rifts were destroying the world, so she leapt into action! Alongside Victoria and the Legion of Young.Heroes, she faced Merissa, trying – and failing – to talk her down. But in the end, she helped Merissa and Mashup Laq bring together the creative energy of the LYH and the LNH3k, defeating the Crossover Queen with the sheer power of sequential art!

Afterward, she, Victoria, Net.Access and Masterplan Lad formed The Liminals, and had adventures in artistic expression and identity. When the Shoe Devil took her Writer's inspiration, she and the Liminals journeyed to Net.Hell to get it back; at the climax, Manga Girl channeled divine creative energy, mutating into the fearsome Devil Manga. But she lost control, and Masterplan Lad had to sacrifice something precious to bring her back...


Vivacious, enthusiastic and passionate, she seems at first glance to be a somewhat ditzy fangirl but has demonstrated considerable cleverness and the ability to think on her feet, even though her passions can sometimes overwhelm her good sense; sometimes, she's actually the most mature person around. She's vaguely teenager-ish in terms of apparent age, and she dashes everywhere, rarely walking or even just running. She has a strong sense of emotions and a kind of amazing ability to see through peoples' surface-level motivations to what they really want.

Powers and Abilities

The full scope of Manga Girl's powers is unknown. She has above-average athleticism that allows her to jump and dodge like no one's business. She can channel the primal creative power of comics, which allows her to warp the flow of time and unleash bursts of pure creativity, though the latter leaves her drained afterwards; she can channel the creative energy of others for more powerful effects. She can also wield the Power of Love™, which grants her both some kind of empathic powers and blasts of destructive energy.


Similar to the previous Manga Girl, but with dark pink hair, green eyes, and a darker-hued (and somewhat better-designed) costume.

In civilian mode, she wears a mix of pastels and super-bright 90s-style clothing, along with a t-shirt with manga sound effects printed on it.



  1. "Mangas" is a genuine Greek last name. "Sakura Mangas" is also a valid Homestuck troll name.