Forsaken Lass

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Forsaken Lass is a net.hero created by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: Victoria Arden
Aliases: Varda
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar
Status: Retconned former member of the LNH, current member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of The Liminals
Usability: Usable With Permission


Victoria Arden's birth name, net.hero name, history, and powers are unknown. She was part of a strike force sent to the planet Topphorti, world of the evil Net.Gods, as a response to OMAR's attack on Earth during Flame Wars IV. The squad encountered Flipseid, and the lot of them were retconned from history by his Discomega Effect, destroying them as if they had never been.

She was trapped in Limbo for some time until the Producers, wanting to make a superhero movie on the cheap, incorporated her into their warped reality as Ultimate Mercenary's love interest, a member of a tribe of post-apocalyptic barbarians named Varda. While she bonded with UM, she didn't much take to the role of love interest, and was exiled to Limbo again.

But this had attracted the notice of the Crossover Queen, who rescued her (yay!) in order to use her as a sacrifice (oh no!) to raise up The Hungry Past. She made friends with her fellow captive Lydia Forward, who helped her reunite with UM along with Masterplan Lad but fell into Limbo in the process. The three of them narrowly escaped the Crossover Queen, and Victoria threw her heart into a fire, killing her, though not for long. Escaping the Crossover Citadel, she took the obsidian blade with which the Crossover Queen had meant to kill her. It turned out to be Arcanis, a mysterious entity trapped in the form of a sword, which possessed her several times.

She, UM, and MPL escaped, along with Manga Girl II and Lydia – who turned out to be Alice Ashdown, AKA Net.Access. Together, they used the power of the Crossover Citadel to travel through Hypertext Time, into the final Just Imagine cascade...

...and came out in Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have An Ending, without Ultimate Mercenary and with fragmented memories of what happened inbetween.[1] She ended up kissing Alice, on the precipice of a possible relationship between them. But when she faced Merissa, she only escaped by stepping so deep into Limbo that she came out in Looniverse-Y.

She met that world's LNH but found them lacking, and teamed up with the System Corrupters to stop Y-Plex Burp. In the process, she faced Arcanis directly for the first time, and when she returned, ended up rescuing Alice and declaring her readiness to step into a relationship. Of course, this didn't stop the Crossover Queen from showing up and encasing her in crystal, and it was up to Net.Access to rescue her. Afterwards, they all reunited, and finally, things calmed down for a bit.

She, Alice, Manga Girl and Masterplan Lad formed their own subgroup, The Liminals, and had adventures in emotion and identity. She searched for connections to her past, but this ground to a halt as her Writer lost their motivation, leading the Liminals to battle the Shoe Devil to get it back.


She doesn't know herself all that well at this point, but it's clear that she has an independent streak, a sarcastic sense of humor, and the ability to keep her head about her in bizarre and difficult situations. She gives off powerful lesbian vibes.

Powers and Abilities

Apart from a considerable presence of mind, most of Victoria's powers and abilities are unknown. In her escape from the Crossover Queen she formed a link with Arcanis. She's also shown a certain amount of technical know-how, as she was able to operate the Reversion Ray Projector.

She has shown the ability to fade into the Gateway to Limbo, phasing partially out of reality. However, this power is dangerous; if she wanders, she may end up lost in the Astral Plane, and if she goes too deep, she may end up within Limbo itself. As well, Arcanis's power allows her to send others to Limbo, though using the sword at all is generally a last resort.


A reportedly quite attractive East Asian woman.

In the world created by the Producers, she wore a skimpy primitive barbarian-type outfit, though she still seemed to have makeup and hair in good condition in spite of the postapocalyptic state of the world.

Currently, she has a gothy style and a silent-movie-esque bob cut. When being powered up by Arcanis, she wears obsidian armor.


Girlfriends with Net.Access.



  1. Ultimate Mercenary ended up on Earth-20 with equally incomplete memories, but Victoria isn't aware of this.