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Somewhere in the depths of the endless void, countless light-aeons beyond the known galactic cluster, there lies a world that orbits no sun, coated by metal and shining with the reflected gleam of a billion stars. This is the world known as Topphorti, home of the dark Net.Gods. It resembles what the people of Earth know as a disco ball. There was another world that stood opposite it once, a green and fruitful world of song and rejoicing, but that world is no more.
Beneath the surface of the shining metal world is a warren of dark and cramped caves where workers who have never seen the light of a sun toil forever. Their only outlet for rest is dancing on an equally dark and crowded dancefloor, desperate for empty hedonism, dancing to thumping and insistent beats. Countless of them die every day on the dancefloor, crushed to death by their peers, just as they die in the factories. Yet they still dance.
Imagine a boot stamping on the dancefloor forever.
Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #50

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