Y-Plex Burp

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Y-Plex Burp is a net.villain created by Cap'n Quaaludes.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Presumably active net.villain, somewhere in spacetime
Usability: Not Reserved


The man known as Y-Plex Burp was once a corporate land developer who planned to demolish the Net.ropolis Hotel Grand before the LNH took it on as their headquarters. In one history, he was stopped before he could carry out his plans; in another, he succeeded...

His first posted appearance was during the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, when Lurking Girl warned the LNH about him. He had gotten his hands on the Cosmic Plot Device, and teamed up with Doctor Killfile and Manga Man on a nefarious, overly-convoluted plan. But the Time Crapper interfered in his plans, and the Device was lost in the conflict.

He continued to face off against the LNH, with little success. By Christmas 2004, he was so determined to be taken seriously that he was willing to blow up himself, the LNH, Santa Claus, and Net.ropolis to do so, but was taken down by Cauliflower the Christmas Miracle Pooch.

During Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending, he was pulled into Looniverse-Y through the rifts that were opening in time, space, and story. He plotted to take over the underused LNHQ of that world, use it to invade other Looniverses, and become a super serious interdimensional villain. When he lost, he threw a hissyfit and activated a universe-destroying bomb – forgetting that he was currently in the universe. Luckily, Forsaken Lass stopped his plan, and he ended up back in Looniverse-A – just in time to get blasted by Merissa and fall through another rift...


Y-Plex Burp prefers to manipulate from the shadows and work through proxies. He is prone to huge, extravagant plans, like replacing every dry cleaner on the planet with a robot duplicate and having them use too much starch on the net.heroes' costumes. He considers himself the greatest criminal mind on the planet, but is vulnerable to feelings of inferiority.

No, we don't know why that name.


An unassuming, completely generic-looking figure, except for his bloodshot eyes—the eyes of someone who stays up late at night plotting how to individually ruin the lives of every single person on Earth. Wears a purple uniform with a green cape and "Y" insignia.

Powers and Abilities

Certainly seems to have a lot of gadgets and henchmen.