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LNHY is the version of the LNH that exists in Looniverse-Y, on Planet T-Bone.

OOC Rules

Each member of the team must be created by a different writer, and each one must be Usable Without Permission.

History and Status

The team is... kind of a mess. (I mean, moreso than usual for LNHes.) It was founded by Kid Kicked-Out, perennial dodger of responsibility; was passed along to Pister Y Maprika III, who used it as a personal toy and as part of his ridiculous megacapitalist empire; and now, may be in the hands of the very Wondersock herself...

This incarnation of the LNH seems to be part of a vast multiversal organization of LNHes, assigned according to destiny. Or, at least, that's what the Mysterious Shadowy Messing-With-Destiny Dude and the New LNH Member Detector seem to think. In fact, the truth may be far stranger...


Former Members


See also the LNH Setup Kit, the New LNH Member Detector, and the LNHQ (Y).