Trophy Wife

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Trophy Wife is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Tammy Russell
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Deceased
Usability: Usable Without Permission


When she was young, feeling unattractive and unloved, Tammy ran away from home. Eventually, she fell in with the cult of an Elder God, but ended up at the center of a plot to sacrifice her Death, transforming her into a conduit for the god-thing's power. The dimension-hopping Professor Penumbra interfered, leaving her a living, immortal statue, apart from but linked to death.

After a series of whirlwind marriages to thrill-seekers and millionaires, she got bored with celebrity culture and showed up to the LNH's first recruitment drive. She was selected as a member of the team, and ended up pulling her new fiance, Pister Y Maprika III, into the team as well; after some shenanigans, he became leader.

The Maprika-lead LNH turned out to be rather boring, however. The only bright spot was Exclamation!Master!, who Tammy started falling for - until she realized what that meant. She fought his Death to a standstill, then traded her life for his, meeting with her own Death again and walking off into the afterlife...

At the time of her death, she was forty-three years old (adjusting for comic book time).


Sexy and she knows it; enjoys having sex and living the high life, but gets emotionally invested easily, especially towards those that her power attracts her to. Especially enjoys challenges, and is more thoughtful than she seems.

Powers and Abilities

Indestructible. Feels a spiritual, physical connection to those who are close to death (very physical, if you get my drift). Also, being gold-plated, she requires a lot of... actually never mind.


Gold-plated blonde.


Lots of former marriages, including to Pister Y Maprika III.