Mashup Laq

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Mashup Laq is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Free For Use


A student going for their PhD in Mad Science, Mashup Laq joined the LNH shortly before the rift crisis. They kept the forces fighting over how to deal with the rifts away from each other's throats, and in the end, brought together the style and energy of Manga Girl, the Legion of Young.Heroes, and the LNH3k, letting loose a burst of sheer creativity that won the day.

Since then, they have been a member of the LNH in good standing, learning pseudoscience as Doctor Stomper's lab assistant. When Dr. Stomper was lost in the Deep Omnilooniverse, Mashup Laq helped bring him home, but ended up with their hands full dealing with Imperilus, the Black Halo, and Scary Ghost Lass.


Friendly, with a strong sense of fairness and compromise. Jumps into conflict. Rejects binary choices.

Bigender; uses they/them pronouns. ("Laq" is the nonbinary version of "Lad" or "Lass".)

Powers and Abilities

Can combine the powers of any two people in their "database", often with unpredictable results. Combinations of strongly opposed powers last longer and are often more powerful, but also more unpredictable.

Touches people to store their powers; once the power is used, they must be touched again to be used again.


A person in their early twenties with smooth, pale-brown features and a short black buzzcut. Wears a bright pink vest over a white button-up shirt, a purple bowtie, and a pair of purple knickerbockers with pink boots, and a labcoat over the whole thing. Wears purple eyeshadow on one eye and white on the other.


They act as lab assistant to Doctor Stomper.

Their alternate-universe equivalents include Smashup Laq of the Oddballverse.