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Ah yes, Net.Hell. The infernal, torturous state of having only a 300 byte modem, incoming only (although there are more... traditional punishments for the diehards).
Saxon Brenton, The Death of Cheesecake-Eater Lad #3
"It's superhero comic Hell, which means it's several different contradictory ideas about the mostly Christian version of Hell after a game of telephone."
Occultism Kid, Another LNH Title? Really? Free Comic Book Day Special

Net.Hell (sometimes referred to as Hell™[1], or simply Hell) is a place you can go where you die when you're not lucky. It is a mythic structure shaped by collective religious beliefs, reflecting the many different portrayals of Hell in genre fiction.

Classic LNH

The Classic Looniverse version of Net.Hell consists of a huge, possibly infinite, number of levels or layers. Some resemble the traditional fire-and-brimstone Hell; others are quite different. One prominent level is, which holds the infernal city of Dir.z, where many principalities of Net.Hell gather and scheme. The deepest depths of Net.Hell resemble a deep abyssal ocean inhabited by many-angled anglerfish.

Like many superhero comic versions of Hell, it is ruled by warring principalities including but not limited to Neverwon, Net.phisto, Bel.gzip.bub (the Lord of the Files), the Shoe Devil, the Elder Chipmunks, and of course Frank, Dark Lord of the 1970s. They are locked in constant, unchanging struggle with each other.



Nothing is known as of yet about the Earth-20 version of Hell (if there is one).


  1. In the world of 000SUPERGUY, Hell had become incorporated and trademarked; this usage crept into LNH stories when the two groups started sharing writers. In an actual story, it was usually written as Hell(tm) or Hell (tm), but we're fancy and can use HTML here.