Ring of Simplification

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The Ring of Simplification is a Plot Device with the power to transform anything into the simplest possible version of itself. For instance, Easily-Discovered Man became a piece of comic book art declaiming dramatically in two-dimensional speech balloons.[1]

The Death Thoreaus wielded the Ring of Simplification in their attack on the bastion of consumerism that is the Net.ropolis Mall; their leader combined its powers with The Indie's camera to send their enemies into a nightmarish reality TV show. Combining the force of order that was the Ring with the force of chaos that was the Camera temporarily disintegrated reality, sending Lite into a series of scenarios based on his fears and desires. He escaped, and left the Ring in keeping of Luke Jones to ensure it'd never fall into the wrong hands.

It fell into the wrong hands. The cosmic being Simplicity guided LNH-Readers-Who-Are-Sick-To-Death-With-These-Damn-Neverending-Events-Liberation Front agent Benjamin Bennigan to steal the Ring from Jones, and thru the Ring, influenced his mind. When Agent Bennigan drew on the full power of the Ring, he became Simplicity's avatar, and the combined being channeled enormous amounts of simplification power, drawing all the different threads towards himself and absorbing all the other antagonists. But at the end of the battle, the link was broken, and Simplicity was banished from the material plane.

It is not known what became of the Ring afterward...


Looks like a simple doodle of a ring, the edges black pencil-strokes, the inside blank white, a two-dimensional image from whatever angle you look at it.



  1. This works remarkably similarly to Simplicity's powers in Ultimate Mercenary #7, which is really something as Jeanne Morningstar had not read these issues of The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man when they wrote UM #7; this lead to the two being tied together in Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!.