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Occultism Kid is a net.hero created by Jeanne Morningstar (character), August Paul Yang and Josh Geurink (original). See also Occultism Kid II and the August One.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Kid Occultism Kid, the Not-Yet-Ancient One
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former apprentice to Occultism Kid II
Usability: Not Reserved


And this new life grew, and discovered that they were not really a boy, and not really a girl; and as it was the early years of the 21st century, they called themselves a Kid.
WikiLull Visions #2

After death, the soul of the August One passed thru the various veils and was reincarnated. This reincarnation's parents were among the vanishingly small number of Tibetan converts to Evangelical Christianity. Along with being queer, this left them in a deeply complicated spiritual position.

They became one of the world's most famous video game streamers, concerned only with fame, money, and getting more subscribers – until they fell prey to carpal tunnel syndrome, and all their videos were taken down for copyright violations. They sought to learn the ways of magic, to heal themself and destroy the dreaded Takedown Bots, and ended up becoming Occultism Kid's apprentice, as Kid Occultism Kid.

Publication-wise, they first appeared during WikiLull, warning all of the danger of the Deplorable Idolon and becoming part of the Cool Name Band to fight the power of Neme.sys. They continued on as a member of the vague assemblage of younger LNHers, involving themself in mystic and cosmic shenanigans.

When the Looniverse was in danger of becoming less Dramatic than the Real World, they convinced the cosmic Powers That Be to invest in the power of Comedy. This kicked off a series of events[1] that ended in their mentor choosing to experience something that wasn't death but wasn't exactly not like death, leading them to become the new Occultism Kid.

In the wake of the Catalyzation Wave, they joined Generation ?, helping guide the newest LNHers while learning more about the role they'd stepped into.


You are arrogant and you are pushy and you are flashy and loud beyond the point where it's cute... and you are wise, perspicacious, ingenious and daring.
Occultism Kid II, Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #50

The newest Occultism Kid is loud, assertive and flashy. They sometimes act overconfident and superior, but they're working on reining that in and learning some measure of humility. Since taking the mantle of Occultism Kid, they have struggled with the responsibilities that come with it.

They are nonbinary and use they/them pronouns.

Powers and Abilities

Journeyman sorcerex, continually growing in understanding of the mystic and mythic realms.


A teenage Tibetan of ambiguous gender presentation. In their first appearance, wore trenchcoat-y orange robes, then later moved on to the Trenchcoat of Many Colors.


Occultism Kid was their master in the ways of magic(k).

They have a complex rivalship with Merissa, and have a crush on Horrible Name Lad.



  1. Specifically, the events of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!Footnote Girl