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WikiLull is a Classic LNH/Lunaverse Chaotic Add-On Cascade that ran in intermittent bursts from March of 2016 to October of 2020, with a number of retroactive issues added after the ending was posted.

The LNH Wiki has gone down! This very article has vanished! But it's just the beginning of a mad attack on the LNHQ and the Looniverse, and this time, Bad Judgment Boy swears it wasn't his fault! The NTB is dead – can its successors save the day? The Liminals are alive – but for how long? And who is the real Ghost in the Shell, anyway?


When the old wiki started going down (leading to the establishment of the current wiki), Arthur Spitzer wrote a cute little one-shot about Bad Judgment Boy destroying the LNHQ. Then everybody else jumped in, as the wiki went up and down.

And then the 2016 election happened.

WikiLull's title was inspired by The Three Day Lull, a cascade from the early '90s that began when there were no posts on alt.comics.lnh for three days. (How times have changed...)

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WikiLull After

Interludes and Visions

WikiLull BREAK




WikiLull won the 2016 RACCie for Best Miniseries!