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Dimwiticus is a universe-destroying cosmic being created by Drizzt.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: J'hanarith, the Eater of the Sun, the Dimension Destroyer
Primary Writer: Jameel al Khafiz
Status: Unknown, last seen swearing vengeance on Kid Kirby
Usability: Usable With Permission


He is known by countless names: to the people of Daggarth he is J'hanarith, the Eater of the Sun; to the Knights of Continuity he is Dimwiticus, but everywhere he is known and feared as the Dimension Destroyer, a cosmic being who feeds on entire universes. He has been at war for aeons with the embodiment of the Power Liefeld, which he calls the Distorter.

Dimwiticus destroyed the world of Daggarth, where Darryth Rath was born. Later, after Rath had joined the Knights of Continuity, he came for their world too. Rath averted its distruction by becoming his Herald. For many years he served Dimwiticus, until at last he broke free, threatening him with his most powerful weapon–the Ultimate RMGrouper–to keep him from devouring a world. He succeeded, but only barely survived Dimwiticus's wrath, saved only by the intervention of the cosmic being known as The Drizzt.

Rath came to the Looniverse where he became the net.hero Continuity Champ, and in time Dimwiticus came there too. Continuity Champ flew up to Earth's orbit to face off with the Dimension Devourer once and for all. Within an hour, he was dead. The LNH swore vengeance on Dimwiticus... and completely forgot about it because he had tampered with their minds.

But when the Power Liefeld manifested in the Looniverse, Dimwiticus returned there, and this time they were ready. With Kid Kirby's aid, the LNH faced down Dimwiticus and forced him to leave using the Ultimate RMGrouper (again).

But Dimwiticus was not going to suffer defeat easily. He had Kid Kirby put on trial by the Living Moderator for intervening in cosmic affairs. When that didn't work, he convinced a group of Elders of the Looniverse to steal the Power Kirby for him by offering them fake Insanity Gems. Kid Kirby survived once more, and Dimwiticus swore that no one would cross him with impunity...

But then he never showed up again. Maybe the Power Liefeld got him after all.


Much more mean-spirited and vindictive than a lot of Galactus-type characters, driven by an endless desire for vengeance as well as eating unvierses.

Powers and Abilities

The kind of awe-inspiring cosmic powers you'd expect from a Galactus-type character. He possessed a powerful weapon, the Ultimate RMgrouper, which could destroy newsgroups.[1]

Travels in an enormous metal sphere that is partially phased outside the universe it's in.


A thirty-foot-tall armored giant (probably with a silly hat).



  1. Not to be confused with the Ultimate Dullifier.