Ultimate Dullifier

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The Ultimate Dullifier is a weapon of staggering destructive power kept by Alt.lactus.


It was used against the Dorf in the Great Flamewar, but could not stop their advance.

[Note: because Amabel Holland has Elsewhirled the original Teenfactor series, some or all of the following information may no longer be canon.]

In 1978, Arcania traveled to the Positive Zone, the home dimension of Alt.lactus, to use the weapon against the Yuritag before they destroyed the Earth as they had so many other worlds. She succeeded, but with a price— the Ultimate Dullifier consumes a life for every life it takes, so the battle could only be won through the near-destruction of the Arcanian species.


Possibly it works by nullifying Drama. We're not really sure, because it's only been seen on-screen once, and that story's been retconned away.