Elders of the Looniverse

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The Elders of the Looniverse are long-lived, cosmically powered immortal beings, less powerful than beings such as the RACelestials and Alt.lactus but still having a substantial influence on the Looniverse.

The Elders have each completely devoted their lives to one pursuit and, in doing so, outlived their worlds, even their home newsgroups. There are a huge number of Elders out in the greater Omnilooniverse – universes exist for a long time, and species are being born and dying all the time, after all. However, only a small porportion of them have been encountered by heroes from Loonivearth, including:

  • The Flamer, who lives to flame everyone in existence. Appears as an energy being.
  • The Basher, who lives to bash every possible group/race/religion/etc.
  • The Lurker, who lives to subscribe to and read every bboard, yet never post.
  • The MUSHMaster, player of games. Appears as something looking like a tree with gills and tentacles.
  • The Conventioneer, organizer of conventions and sinister plots. Appears as a nondescript humanoid with geeky apparel.
  • The Cleric, known as Domini to yts friends, who studies the gods and metaphysical forces of the Looniverse, much more benevolent than the others who've shown up. Appears as a black metallic radial three-headed dog, covered in patterns with rainbow highlights.
  • The Gasper, who reacts to outrageous cosmic events.

The Collector and The Speculator may be Elders as well.