Living Moderator

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The Living Moderator is a cosmic judge created by Jameel al Khafiz.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jameel al Khafiz
Status: Perpetually judging the cosmos
Usability: Free for Use


Direct servant of a power greater than even the greatest cosmic beings of the Looniverse, the Living Moderator is the ultimate judge of all things cosmic. This being's judgement is final, for its master does not directly interfere.

At the instigation of Dimwiticus, The Living Moderator placed Kid Kirby on trial for disrupting the cosmos through interfering with the actions of the Dimension Devourer, but Kid Kirby won by proving he was acting in accord with his role as bearer of the Power Kirby.

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An impartial cosmic judge.

Powers and Abilities

Vast and unimaginable cosmic power, up to and including the ability to utterly destroy an individual reality in order to carry out its verdicts


The Living Moderator manifests as a rough-hewn humanoid with three faces. One face is completely hooded, representing the completely uncontrolled bboards. The second face is only hooded from the nose up, representing the bboards with charters and no moderators. The final face is uncovered, and its penetrating gaze represents the moderated newsgroups.


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