Non-Judgmental Agnostic

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Non-Judgmental Agnostic is a net.hero created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Reserve member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Free For Use


In the Elsewhirl future of Looniverse-69, a prank gone wrong had caused Self-Righteous Preacher to undergo a miraculous conception via WikiBoy transformed into the Holy Spirit. Thus, Non-Judgmental Agnostic was born!

During Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending, she traveled back to 2014 to warn the LNH of a mysterious threat involving rifts that would tear the universe apart. Unfortunately, it turned out that memory loss is a common side effect of time travel. She persevered, however, teaming up with Foreshadowing Lad, Pliable Lad and Net.Access to make sure that the LNH would never have an ending!

Afterwards, she stayed in Looniverse-A, joined the present-day LNH, and started dating Foreshadowing Lad. During the battle against Neme.SYS, the two of them ended up fighting alongside Escape Lass, and the three of them ended up in a polyamorous triad. Non-Judgmental Agnostic went along with them, putting herself on reserve status in order to help with the migration from Looniverse-Bael to Looniverse-Murmur.


Tries to give everyone a fair shake, trying her hardest to understand where they're coming from. Tries to be cheerful and bring sunshine into the world. Agnostic.

Powers and Abilities

See Personality. Due to the circumstances of her birth, may have Jesus powers.


A thirtysomething woman with white hair and an eyepatch covering her left eye (ever since Everyone Loses an Eye and Has To Wear an Eye Patch From Now On Cry.Sig). Often wears midriff shirts.


In the 2013 RACCies, she won the Favorite New Character award.