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Anti-Christ Lad is a diabolic offspring created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Diablonius Asmodel Devilson
Aliases: Ole Scratch, Vice
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former leader of the Legion of Net.Hippies and the East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains, former member of the West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains, active in the Classic Looniverse
Usability: Free For Use


Anti-Christ Lad was the son of the Devil (well, a Devil, superhero universes being what they are), Net.phistopheles. His early history is mostly unrevealed, although he seems to have been raised at least partially as a human.

Early in his career as leader of the Legion of Net.Hippies, he was a Byronic antihero, struggling against his father's legacy. It is this version which went through the Time Door to visit the modern-day LNH, as seen below.

Later, he seems to have lost that struggle:

Once this man had been a good man. A man that had dreams and hopes for a better world. But he made a deal. And now something horrible and ancient swam through his body.
Bride of C'thulhu #666

By the 1970s, he was working with the Elder Chipmunks, building golden idols of them to worship, and calling himself Ole Scratch. This ended when Self-Righteous Preacher joined the Net.Hippies and exorcised him back to Net.Hell.

However, he would get his revenge on the Preacher. From Net.Hell, he slowly chipped away at the Preacher's soul, whispering dark things to him at night. It took decades, but when the Preacher saw a tape of what his alternate self had done out of desperation in a dying universe[1], it created a crack that let Anti-Christ Lad get a hold. And when the Preacher was assassinated[2], Anti-Christ Lad possessed his body, transforming him into Vice and unleashing chaos on Net.ropolis.

Thankfully, Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man solved this problem as he does most problems: by beating Vice up. Anti-Christ Lad left the Preacher's body (somehow restoring it to living, though very bruised, condition) and exited the storyline.

At the end of the Infinite Leadership Crisis, he returned, this time in the body of Zombie President Taft. Backed up by Solid Gold Dancers, he took part in the battle between the LNH and the Legion of Net.Villains. But possessing an American president made him vulnerable to Canadian magicks, and Occultism Kid and Gothic Gorilla, together with the power of the band Rush, defeated him.

After the Time Door was established, the still-heroic (or antiheroic, anyway) Anti-Christ Lad of the 1960s came through. During Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending, he beheld the wonders of the future, helped defeat LAN.os, and grew closer to Dr. Turn On-Tune In-Drop Out. But would this be enough to avert his fearful future?

The present-day Anti-Christ Lad wanted to make sure it wasn't. He possessed Mister Homage and took control of the East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains, plotting to destroy his past self's new home in the Legion and show him there's no escape from despair. But said past self took on the challenge – by joining the West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains!

During the sabertooth pandemic, the two of them ended up clashing directly, and in the face of their battle, the Anti-Christ Lad of the past was offered a terrible bargain by his father. He almost accepted the fate of being corrupted into his own worst self, but Marvel Zombie Lad's fire and passion gave him the power to overcome it. The Anti-Christ Lad of evil was weakened by this defiance of destiny, and after Scary Ghost Lass put them to the test, only the heroic version was left.

He returned to his own era... and took the slow road back to the present, meeting DNSDaemon and Scary Ghost Lass again after fifty years, and taking them to reunite with one more friend...


In his Byronic period, full of woe and heroic struggling. After he fell, a callous, smooth-talking manipulator who clung fiercely to power and delighted in cruelty. And now...

Powers and Abilities

Standard Satan stuff – corruption, possession, manipulation, making deals. Probably has some form of mystical skills. Can summon and control hellfire.

As Vice, caused Net.ropolis citizens to riot by bringing out their repressed sides. Also, wielded a giant flaming upside-down cross.


In his Byronic period, a man whose face is covered in demonic-looking face paint, wearing a helmet with enormous and unwieldy horns. Later, a man with the number 666 constantly burning on his forehead and giant horns coming out of his skull.

As Vice, like Self-Righteous Preacher, but with the horns and 666 and unshaven. Wears a black leather jacket and a T-shirt with a red-splattered V on it, and constantly smokes cigarettes.

As a hero, he spoke in an overdramatic, constantly pronouncing manner. After giving in to the dark side, he became a smooth talker who constantly spouted slang, but turned jokingly cruel when his deceptions were revealed.



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