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The Time Door was a door linking the era of the Legion of Net.Hippies to the present day, allowing for easy travel back and forth; however, as of April 2020, it is closed.


When Kid Enthusiastic used the Bands of Timeslide to bring the heroes of 1963 to 2013, a debate with Masterplan Lad and Footnote Girl over the characterization of the Net.Hippies lead to the power of the Bands being transferred to a newly-created Door, in order to allow them to interact with modern ideas about hippies, activism, and the legacy of the 1960s[1].

A number of Net.Hippies came thru the Door, tho not all of their stories have been told. Anti-Christ Lad, Burning Bra Lass and Dr. Turn On-Tune In-Drop Out used the Door to travel to the time of the rift crisis, and together, they helped defeat LAN.os.

At the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 2020, the Time Door glitched out, accessing semi-random timeframes whenever it was opened – usually within the 1960s, but sometimes centuries or millennia earlier. (This may have been how Doctor Killfile got the DNA for the sabertooth virus.) Anti-Christ Lad became stranded in the present day, quantum mystical interference from his good past self existing at the same time as his evil present self keeping the door open and glitching. The two Anti-Christ Lads struggled against one another, and with the help of Marvel Zombie Lad, the Anti-Christ Lad of the past avoided the terrible bargain his other self had made, and banished his weakened counterpart. With the interference resolved, the Time Door snapped back to stability; Anti-Christ Lad walked thru, and it closed, seemingly forever.


  1. As seen in Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #53 and 54 — Footnote Girl