Kid Enthusiastic (Classic)

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Kid Enthusiastic is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium. Not to be confused with Kid Enthusiastic-Y and Kid Enthusiastic (20).
Alter Ego: James Takato Preponderation
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Member of the LNH, member of the LNH Subgroup Without a Name, leader of The Core LNH
Usability: Not Reserved


Raised by two net.heroes who had dropped out of the public eye, Kid Enthusiastic joined the LNH at the age of 10 and almost immediately picked up a sidekick, er, partner, Casey von Aluminumfoil. Together with others they met during a quest to free an alternate universe from evil magic, they formed the LNH Subgroup Without a Name.

He's served as a member of the Legion in good standing ever since, often pitching in and helping with the ridiculous comic book science aspects of a plot, and just as often leaping before he looks with both feet. He founded The Core LNH and currently leads them.

During the sabertooth crisis, Kid Enthusiastic helped out (?) by summoning the cosmic being Enthusiasm, counterbalancing Simplicity and his agent.

His birthday is May 1st, 1992, and he is eleven years old. That's right! He was raised in OS/2.aka, Japan, and has graduated from Academy high school.


...well, enthusiastic. Also, energetic, easily distracted, and highly open-minded. Sometimes, he's ten steps ahead of everyone around him; other times, he's completely engrossed in something unrelated. Tends to start projects and pull other people into them. Has a strong and reckless impulse towards helping people, and many of his inventions and projects are thrown together after he notices that, hey, somebody doesn't have something!

In Japanese, uses the personal pronoun "boku" (僕) for himself in most situations, tho also uses "wate" (わて) when he's with friends.

Powers and Abilities

Genius-level intelligence. Specializes in creating and using super-science gadgetry. Fluent in Japanese. Encyclopedic knowledge of every Pokemon (or possibly Hackemon, depending on how much the author feels like referencing continuity/avoiding established trademarks).


Kid Enthusiastic is a prepubescent boy of Japanese and European descent. He has short brown hair that's spiky (in more of a kid way than an anime way) and black eyes.

He wears a beige jumpsuit with pockets stuffed to bursting, red and blue piping, and a purple domino mask.


Record Man and Sakura Woman are his parents.

Doc Enthusiastic is the version of him from the alternate future of Looniverse-Avocado. Other alternate-universe counterparts include Kid Eucharistic of the Oddballverse.