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Digital JUMP! is an ongoing Classic LNH series written by Drew Nilium, chronicling the adventures of a bunch of people, and published irregularly on rec.arts.comics.creative.

Series Description

Kid Enthusiastic! Casey von Aluminumfoil! Shining Tungsten Magister! The Crimson @venger! Together, they are the LNH Subgroup Without A Name, fighting the empires of evil, in the future and across the multiverse!


The Introduction: The team comes together, pretty much!

Warriors of Light: The first real storyline! A tour of worlds to doubly defeat the darkness! Over a decade in the making! (hahaaaa)

Stories of Awesome: Inbetween adventures in the LNH!


It won the 2009 RACCie for Favorite Series and for Favorite Parody/Comedy! Awesome!