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The Crimson @venger is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Carmine Aurum
Aliases: Like Rouge
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of the LNH Subgroup Without A Name
Usability: Not Reserved


Carmine was born on the world of Amalgama as a member of the wealthy and powerful House Ferrous Aurum. When the nation of Erehton attacked the Periodic Houses, she went on a quest to find the Four Atavists.

Arriving in the Looniverse, she took on the male disguise of Like Rouge in order to avoid a Women in Refrigerators-type situation, and took on Kid Enthusiastic and Casey von Aluminumfoil in the traditional Net.Hero Misunderstanding Fight. Then, along with Malachite Wendigo and the Faded Iron Master, they set off to find the Four Atavists and stop the Zinc Oxide Tyrant from using them. They were captured by the Tyrant, but turned the tables on him, facing him in his lair. Carmine showed how unworthy he was of the magical pendant from which he took his power, taking it herself and becoming the Crimson @venger. After that victory, she and the rest of the team went to face a far more powerful Tyrant, in the future from which Mala and the FIM had come...

Afterwards, she moved to Net.ropolis, joined the LNH, and helped form the LNH Subgroup Without A Name.


A hot-headed warrior with loads of bravery, Carmine usually acts based on her emotions. She speaks in a combination of "florid knight errant" and "hard-boiled gumshoe".

Powers and Abilities

As Like Rouge, used magical devices and Cross-style combat magic.

As the Crimson @venger, uses the net.element of Keystroke for armor and melee attacks (along with some of those magical devices).


The Lady Aurum is the version of her from the alternate future of Amalgama-X.


Tall, muscular, somewhat androgynous. Of an ethnic group that doesn't exist in our universe, with looks that mix East Asian and Middle Eastern.

As Like Rouge, dressed in medieval leathers, and wore a backpack filled to bursting with random this and that.

As the Crimson @venger, wears a simple white martial-arts gi with a red belt, along with the aforementioned backpack. When her powers activate, glowing red typographical symbols cover her skin and clothing. These can be powered up further to become a suit of ornate Keystroke armor.

Art by Pasta Art.
Art by Pasta Art.