Faded Iron Master

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The Faded Iron Master is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Casey von Aluminumfoil
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: ?
Usability: Reserved


In an alternate timeline, right after Casey von Aluminumfoil joined the LNH, he was swept up in a war in Amalgama against the Zinc Oxide Tyrant. As it dragged on over months and years, he moved there full-time, falling in love and learning the magic of the realm. After Malachite Wendigo's parents died, he adopted her and took her on as an apprentice.

Eventually, he and the resistance forces hatched a plan, realizing they could nullify the Four Atavists the Tyrant held with a set of the same artifacts. He and Mala traveled back in time, joining up with our timeline's version of Casey, Kid Enthusiastic, and Like Rogue on a quest to gather them before the Tyrant did...


Clever and wise, but often quite silly. Fond of dramatic pronouncements; is a huge geek at heart.

Powers and Abilities

Telepathy and precognition. Mastery of the elemental magic of Amalgama.


An older man with a lanky frame. Despite being a little under fifty years old, has gray hair and mottled, wrinkly white skin. Often wears a cloak, a deep blue coat, and pants that shimmer translucently.