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The LNH Subgroup Without a Name is a subgroup of the LNH (Classic Team). It doesn't have a name. Its members are the primary cast of Digital JUMP!


Kid Enthusiastic and Casey von Aluminumfoil happened to join the LNH on the same day. They battled Like Rouge, who turned out to be a hero from Amalgama masquerading as a villain, and stopped a more mundane threat before being confronted by Baron MacNottherealvillain, a villain from Amalgama (who would later masquerade as a hero but that's not important). The Faded Iron Master and the Shining Tungsten Magister, heroes from an alternate future version of Amalgama, helped them fight the Baron, and together, all the heroes decided to join them to find the Four Atavists, which could free both Amalgamas from the evil of the Zinc Oxide Tyrant!

And then stuff happened and they became an LNH Subgroup, but never decided on a name.


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