Kid Enthusiastic-Y

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Kid Enthusiastic-Y is a heroic net.villain created by Drew Nilium. Not to be confused with Kid Enthusiastic (Classic) or Kid Enthusiastic (20).
Alter Ego: James Yasashiku Preponderation
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Leader of the System Corrupters
Usability: Usable Without Permission


On his way to join the LNH of Looniverse-Y, Kid Enthusiastic-Y bumped into the the Mysterious Shadowy Messing-With-Destiny Dude, accidentally taking the New System Corrupters Member Detector. Opening it, he became leader of the System Corrupters. Now he's determined to make them the best supervillain team ever, goshdarnit!


Enthusiastic! Also, energetic, easily distracted, and highly open-minded. Thoughtful and analytical, in a silly, chaotic way.

Has had some extra responsibility and stress dumped on his shoulders, as the leader of a ground of half-net.villains half-rebels-against-the-system, but is bearing up under it with sunny friendliness.

In Japanese, uses the personal pronoun "boku" (僕) for himself in most situations, tho also uses "wate" (わて) with close friends and "boku-sama" (僕様) when he's putting on a Real Serious Villain facade.

See also How To Write: Kid Enthusiastic-Y.

Powers and Abilities

Super-science gadgetry, genius-level intelligence, naturally sunny disposition.


Kid Enthusiastic is a prepubescent boy of Japanese and European descent. He has short brown hair that's spiky (in more of a kid way than an anime way) and black eyes.

His current costume consists of: A purple faux-leather jacket, with an anarchy symbol inside a heart sewn on the left shoulder; underneath, a midnight blue T-shirt with a giant Y in golden thread on the chest; bright red jeans with streaks across them the color of dried blood; and a pair of huge, '90s-style wraparound sunglasses.

When he first became a net.herovillain, he wore a beige jumpsuit with pockets stuffed to bursting, red and blue piping, and a yellow "Y" stitched on the breast pocket, along with purple domino mask with a yellow "Y" on the bridge of the nose.