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Little, reclusive, power-filled monsters...
—Neil Ciceriega, "Pokemon"

Hackemon are animals enhanced by the Century Pact's nanotechnology to have various powers and abilities. Though released into the wild as part of an plot by the Century Pact operative known as Mew2K, the Hackemon survived past the end of said plot and are now an independent form of wildlife.

Children were the first to notice them, and developed their own subculture of Hackemon trainers. A Hackesack, a small red and grey pouch, can be used to capture and contain Hackemon. Hackemon run on a highly advanced version of Linux, and Hackemon trainers often create Patches to modify their Hackemon's code with special abilities.

During their life cycles, Hackemon undergo a set net.amorphosis pattern; for instance, with enough experience, the mouselike Hackemon Picochu transforms into the more flexible Vichu. However, this process isn't always stable, especially for Hackemon whose code has been heavily modified. Sometimes, Hackemon transform unpredictably into Daikaiju Hackemon. They often become very large, but more importantly, they cannot be contained within Hackesacks. Thus, Mons.dir Island was created as a place to contain and study these creatures.

Identified Hackemon

Picochu Vichu Psydock Bulbas.org Manpage
Pineape DOS.duo Servow Crowlithe Gypseadra
Vultrix Jazztrio Unix Charaset Mr. MIME
Exeggutable Fanficuno Windos Raytres Dragonerror
Grow.lisp Earow Mew2K

At one point, ATV Frank pretended to be a Hackemon called Cycler.

Identified Daikaiju Hackemon

  • Giant puppies (unnamed)
  • Master MIME

Image Gallery

Starting at top and going clockwise: Picochu, Unix, DOS.duo, Charaset, Bulbas.org and Vultrix. Hackesack at bottom. Art by Dave Van Domelen.