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Teenfactor was an infamous and highly prolific Classic LNH series written by the teenage Amabel Holland. One of the definitive series of the LNH's September Age, it ran from 1997 to 2000, with abandoned attempts at a revival in 2005 and 2007.

   TEENFACTOR, which was begun as a sort of parody/cross-breeding of GENERATION X and X-FACTOR (Marvel Fanboy, remember?) evolved more than any other thing I've written. It changed and grew, sometimes slowly, sometimes deliberately, over the course of time. Like its teenage protagonists, it was trapped between the juvenile and the adult.
    —Amabel Holland, "Some Pseudo-Random Thoughts on the LNH"


Teenfactor starred the eponymous team of teenage government operatives. Over the course of the series they gained and lost new members, found and lost love, and faced (and in one case, became) death.

The series began as Malingerer Lad and Teenfactor, which later spun off Frost and Teenfactor. The two series rejoined as simply Teenfactor. Issues #18-19 crossed over with F.I.S.H. Force, #75 with The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man, and #77 with The Team. Issues #48-49 and #76 were never written. There were, however, two each of 126 and 127, due to Amabel abandoning and retconning a storyline.

Amabel began this series when she was 15 years old. She later became dissatisfied with it and Elsewhirled the original Teenfactor series. She had intended to write a revamped New Teenfactor series, but abandoned it after one issue. As a result, the canonical status of Teenfactor is uncertain. We can assume that some of the events happened in broad strokes, especially the ones that left lingering effects in other stories.




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