Jennifer Frost

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Jennifer Frost is a amoral telepath created by Amabel Holland. See also January Frost
Alter Ego: Jennifer Frost
Aliases: Dark Parody
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Deceased, former member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, former leader of Teenfactor
Usability: Free For Use


[Note: Amabel Holland has Elswhirled the original Teenfactor series, so some or all of this information may no longer be canonical.]

Jennifer Frost was the oldest daughter of psychic Robert Frost. He warped her into something every bit as cruel as he was, lashing out at and apparently killing her sister Madelyne Frost. After this she ran away from home, unaware that her sister had in fact survived. (Madelyne later became a criminal under the identity of Daisy Dukes.) She joined the group of psychic criminals called the Shadow Skimmers, and robbed banks with her empathic pet Woolsh. During this period, she met Polybag Person, her future lover, and later joined the Brotherhood of Net.Villains with him. She reveled in her power's destructive potential. Just as her father had twisted her, so she twisted Caron Forge, causing her to be consumed with bitterness. Sometime later she took on a group of students, the Hellionions.

Later on, Frost became a government operative as her father had before her. She attacked Teenfactor, then took it over, at first to use as a tool. Morgan Le Fab fell under her tutelage and became much like her mentor. Frost was later captured by an unknown creature, probably under the control of her father, and Polybag Person took her place as instructor. Her captor killed her, but she survived as a disembodied consciousness and took over the Unhuman Sandy. She tried to use the Insanity Gaulnaut to resurrect herself, but proved unable to control the demonic consciousness within it, leading to Malingerer Lad retconning himself out of history and nearly destroying the world.

Her consciousness ascended beyond the Earth and joined together with the Parody Force, transforming her into an all-powerful being and apparently freeing her from her father's influence. But he was still very much alive, and sought to regain control of her. She forced her former students to confront her by killing the Hellionions, leading Teenfactor to kill her. She had planned this outcome to prevent her father from taking her back. (She actually manipulated the second Boss Supreme to bring all this about, but that's a whole other story.) Now at last she is free of all those who would use and manipulate her.


Sometimes cruel, mean and twisted, sometimes serene, kind and understanding. Frost has a... unique sense of humor; for example, she thought it was hilarious when Lagneto was searching for his amnesiac daughter Pizza Girl, but found Myron T. Feebles in disguise, showering "her" with love until Frost's psionic time bomb revealed who he really was.

Powers and Abilities

One of the world's greatest psionic talents.


Beautiful, with black lipstick. She looks frail on the outside, contrasting with her inner strength. She has short blonde hair and wears a white bodysuit which ends at her upper chest, along with stretchy white boots and gloves.