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Polybag Person is a net.sometimes-villain-sometimes-hero created by Drizzt.
Alter Ego: Marvin Mylar
Aliases: Mylar Man, Martin Mylar
Primary Writer: Drizzt, Amabel Holland
Status: Member of the Uprising of Net.Villains, former instructor of Teenfactor
Usability: Not Reserved


Polybag Person was once known as Mylar Man and attempted to have a career as a hero. However, he was mistaken for a villain; upon learning that he couldn't get a dental plan under net.hero insurance policies, he turned to a life of crime and joined the Brotherhood, during which he became involved with fellow Brotherhood member Jennifer Frost. He later evaded capture after a humiliating defeat when Spite Grrrl left him to the police.

Lagneto forced him to fake his own death for a time so that Frost wouldn't be distracted from developing her powers[1]. In spite of this, Polybag Person expressed admiration for Lagneto when they fought later on.

Eventually, he reformed, changing his name to "Martin" and becoming Teenfactor's "adult supervisor", with decidedly mixed success. He became distraught after Frost's death, finding comfort in the arms of his former student, the immortal alien sorceress Arcania; they decided to retire together. His sister Mina took over for him as Teenfactor's instructor until her death at the hands of Janis Kult, after which he joined with other survivors of Teenfactor to hunt down her and Voidmaster.

He dropped out of sight for a while after the dissolution of Teenfactor, though he presumably joined together with its other survivors to battle the zombie Gerald Ford, and at some point, he and Arcania got married.

Recently, he has returned to being a net.villain, deciding that his net.hero career had failed. He joined Mister Homage's East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains and participated in the big battle against the West Coasters during the sabertooth pandemic. At this point, Arcania decided she was coming along to keep an eye on him, and when he joined the Uprising of Net.Villains, so did she.


Nerdy, but tries to be imposing. Tries hard to accomplish whatever his goal is, as a hero or a villain, but comes across as an incompetent in spite of his considerable determination. Cares about people more than he'd like them to think. Tends to see the best in people, even the ones who hurt him.

Powers and Abilities

Responsible for polybags around "collectible" comics. It's unknown if this is a "natural" ability or produced by a device.


Kooky-looking. Wears thick glasses. Costume looks like it was made from painted garbage bags. Wears a cape that usually trips him up.


Married to Arcania. Was involved with Jennifer Frost before her death.



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