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Anime Freak is a author avatar/net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Tom Russell
Aliases: Farmer Jimmy
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Absorbed by Multiple Personality Lass
Usability: See Multiple Personality Lass


[Since Amabel Holland has elswhirled the original Teenfactor series, not to mention transitioned, some or all of Anime Freak's history may no longer be part of current continuity.]

During a battle, Teenfactor and the Hellionions were sucked into a parallel universe resembling the Real World, where they encountered that world's Tom Russell. During the battle, he manifested the power to transform into a cyborg form called Anime Freak. The universe was destroyed, but Tom Russell transferred himself and his family into the Looniverse, losing his authorial powers in the process.

He adjusted rather well to being a character in the series he had formerly written, and soon went on a date with Alice, one of Multiple Personality Lass's nicer personalities. After the dominant personality, Faerie, refused to let her out, he started to fall in love with a Red Castle waitress, Mary Winters. His Anime Freak powers faded around this time, and he instead developed a mystical link to a chicken leg which he used as a weapon. This inspired him to take on the new name of Farmer Jimmy. Unfortunately, he never had a chance to explore his new powers or his relationship with Mary, as he was killed by Faerie as the second Boss Supreme. Like all of her victims, he was absorbed into the Multiple Personality Lass gestalt, and remains a part of it to this day. He convinced the rest of her to relocate to Dearborn, Michigan and become its own resident net.hero, and continued his relationship with Mary, who seemed remarkably understanding about his new status as part of a mostly-female gestalt that also included his ex-girlfriend. She also assists MPLass as a whole in her/their crimefighting activities.


Generally laid-back and easy to get along with, he showed little indication of being traumatized by the death of his world. A dedicated anime fan. He distrusted Electra more than most.

Powers and Abilities

As Anime Freak, he could assume the form of a super-strong animesque cyborg warrior by shouting "I am Anime Freak!" As Farmer Jimmy, he could throw a chicken leg which acted much like Captain America's shield; he retained these powers as part of MPLass.


As Tom, he was a pretty normal-looking teenage boy. As Anime Freak, he was a monstrous cyborg.


Anime Freak's death began an unbroken streak of Amabel Holland's pre-transition self-insert avatars dying in every LNH series they appeared in. (See Saviors of the Net #17, Ultimate Mercenary #4 and Web of Mainstream Man #6. Notably, the Purple Crayon version of her actually died twice.) Perhaps the Looniverse was trying to get revenge on her for killing off so many of her own characters. Or perhaps she was trying to tell herself something.