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Anomaly is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Sky
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Member of The Team, former member of Teenfactor
Usability: Not Reserved


For as long as he could remember, Sky had supernatural good luck, allowing him to survive the impossible. He joined Teenfactor as a net.hero codenamed Anomaly. He developed an intense crush on his teammate Carolyn Forge, and was devastated when she turned him down because she still wasn't over the loss of Terrence Coffee (who soon returned). Shortly afterward, he met and became friends with Rick Henkerton, AKA Boy Redundant Lad, and decided to join him on The Team. He developed a crush on his and Rick's friend Allison Delphi, but still wasn't over Carolyn.

Another hero called Holy Roller with similar probability-altering powers later joined the Team. Sky found, to his surprise, that she was his female counterpart from an alternate universe.

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Generally fun-loving and easy-going, though he can be highly emotional in some circumstances. Sometimes reckless because he knows he can survive almost anything.

Powers and Abilities

Supernatural good luck powers that allow him to survive impossible situations.


He is about six feet tall, 150 pounds and very lanky. He wears a skintight brown costume, with large, loose-fitting boots. His hair is a strange shade of white. He has a husky, raw voice.