Allison Delphi

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Allison Delphi is a daughter of the gods created by Jesse Willey.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Friend and ally of The Team
Usability: Reserved


Allison Delphi is the blind daughter of the Greek goddess Athena and the Oracle of Delphi[1]. Born in a time when faith in the gods was so strong, she was placed in the Well of Time to protect her from enemies such as Gasmaster. She emerged in the 20th century.

Allison was raised by an unhinged talk radio host, Jeff Schmiburger. Boy Redundant Lad and Sky Waters rescued her from him and they became friends. She was abducted by Gasmaster and Grey Phantom, who took her to the Greek Gods to further the plans of the Overlord. They forced her into a "hyper reality chamber" to train her to use her powers, where she went through a series of illusions; Boy Redundant Lad went to Olympus and helped her escape.

While never really a formal member of The Team, she used her powers to help them a number of times.


Quiet and kind.

Powers and Abilities

Allison has vast untapped psychic powers, including telepathy and psychic projection. She also has the projectin for precognition and mimicry of others.


A brunette.



  1. Who would seem to be male in this version, but given other storylines involving Greek gods, we really can't be sure.