Grey Phantom

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The Grey Phantom is a cannibalistic slasher created by Jesse Willey.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Member of the Dark Conclave
Usability: Reserved


The weird figure of the Grey Phantom haunted Camp Ilikepistachios, scaring all the children away. Boy Redundant Lad, alongside the Redundant Family, unmasked him as Repetitive Lad, plotting to mine the area for the plot-device element of quasinite, and defeated him by convincing him his plan was actually original.

But a year later, the real Grey Phantom appeared there. This one was far more dangerous. He was a cannibal:

"He had to have known the person before he allowed them to become a part of him. It was all very symbolic. Anyone who caused him to feel anything must die. Those whom he hated and those whom he loved must become merged in his greater self."
The Team #1

In the past, he was part of a villain team called the Dark Conclave along with Gasmaster and Conductress. Conductress divorced Gasmaster to marry him, but they stayed friends. (How a cannialistic killer who murders anyone who makes them feel things stays friends with someone is unspecified.) She took their child, Joshua, to be raised by her third husband.

He fought Boy Redundant Lad and The Team, and went on to be hired by the Overlord to bring him Allison Delphi.


A killer whose driving motivation in life is eating human flesh.

Powers and Abilities

Wields an axe. Good at chopping people up. Can transform into a grey mist.


Wears a grey and white suit.