Redundant Family

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The Redundant Family is the net.hero dynasty of Toss-It City. They are powered by the Redundancy Stream, which is more powerful the more people are using it.

The original Captain and Miss (later Mrs.) Redundant were trapped in the dimension of Lost City along with all the beatniks and communists of Toss-It City. They created the Guardian Knight to watch over their grandson, Rick Henkerton, but he committed suicide. Unknown to them, another Rick Henkerton had come into existence in the original timeline the Lost City had branched off of.

Meanwhile, a new Captain Redundant, Philly Paterson, had appeared in Toss-It City. His sister, Mary, became his partner, Girl Redundant Lass. They also had several super-pets such as Barky the Redundant Dog and Meowy the Redundant Cat. When Rick Henkerton was injured by a net.villain, they saved his life by granting him the power of the Redundant Stream, transforming him into Boy Redundant Lad.

The second Captain Redundant was not a particularly heroic individual. He was violently jealous when Rick expressed an interest in Mary and nearly killed him. After this, Rick split from the Redundant Family and became part of The Team.

The second Captain Redundant died in Flame Wars IV.