Lost City

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To protect America from subversion, the US military used an experimental quantum reactor to seal off all the communists and beatniks from Toss-It City in a parallel dimension— the Lost City. It was guarded by soldiers led by General Cornwallace. Over time, the Lost City diverged and became a separate timeline. The quantum reactor was secretly powered by a being known as Nomed, who attempted to possess Cornwallace and shunt the world into Limbo.

Among the people trapped there were the original Captain and Miss Redundancy of the Redundant Family. They created the construct known as the Guardian Knight to watch over their grandson, Rick Henkerton. That world's Henkerton committed suicide. When his counterpart in the outside world Boy Redundant Lad was sent there by a spell, he networked with the local resistance to battle against Nomed. He learned that Nomed was, somehow, his own counterpart, and defeated him through the Redundancy Stream. The Guardian Knight later entered his world in order to carry on the mission of protecting him.