Repetitive Lad

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Repetitive Lad is a net.villain created by John C. Daiker.
Alter Ego: James James
Aliases: None none
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active net.villain
Usability: Not Reserved


James James became a super-villain not because he wanted to do evil deeds, but because he managed to annoy everyone with his repetitious personality. Mister Homage granted him a place in the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, much to his later dismay.

During The Employee-Empowered, Paradigm-Shifted, Individually-Owned, Downsized, Streamlined, Re-Invigorated Crimes of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, Repetitive Lad was handily defeated by Swordmaster because he continuously used attacks that Swordmaster had faced before.

Over the years, Repetitive Lad has been a recurring member of the Brotherhood. Sometime after Beige Midnight, he joined the West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains, but was kicked out after annoying the Crime Empress.


Eager to help. Of course, others are just as eager for him not to help.

Powers and Abilities

Answers questions that have already been answered. Many times. Tells the same stories over and over and over. Could bore dust.


Funky purple costume with white trim and a big "RL" on both front and back.