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Swordmaster is a reluctant net.hero created by Matt Rossi.
Alter Ego: David Divad
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Matthew Rossi
Status: Member of the Load Island Renegades
Usability: Reserved


Created by the curse of Frank, Dark Lord of the 1970s, Swordmaster went on to fight such foes as the Pirate King and the Penzancers, The Solid Gold Dancers, Marz, the Time Crapper, and the Cast of MASH.

<fill in later>

According to Easily-Discovered Man Lite, he later wrote a novel which Lite will read one of these days.[1]


Extremely unhappy about this whole net.hero thing.

Powers and Abilities

  • Is the best swordsman in the world, and adapts in combat to remain so.
  • Can summon/create swords out of various forms of energy or matter.
  • Can taste at a distance.
  • Superhumanly strong and fast, but only slightly so.


Wears tight spandex outfits, similar to Olympic speed skaters. Underneath, is a tall man (6'2") with dark brown hair and eyes, and an Olympic-class build.



  1. This may be a reference to Matt Rossi's own writing career.