Exponents Lad

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Exponents Lad is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Ernest Curry
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Staying in Poland with Iron Canary, former member of Teenfactor
Usability: Free For Use


[Note: Since the original Teenfactor series has been Elsewhirled, some or all of Exponents Lad's history may no longer be in-continuity.]

Ernest Curry, a mutant, was one of the first recruits of the Teenfactor program. He soon started dating his teammate Pig Latin Lass. When Jennifer Frost took over the team, he was one of the members who left with Malingerer Lad to form their own version of Teenfactor.

When both teams joined together to fight Self-Righteous Preacher (who was possessed by his dark side, Vice), Exponents Lad pushed his powers to their limit and triplicated himself to shield the rest of the team blast of dark energy from Vice. As a result he fell into a coma, and Pig Latin Lass took him to her homeland of Poland to recover.

He may have since reunited with the other suriving members of Teenfactor to battle the zombie Gerald Ford.


Somewhat uptight and withdrawn.

Powers and Abilities

Exponents Lad can duplicate anyone by saying "(person's name) to the second power!" but falls into a coma or trance for as long as the duplicate exists. In the abandoned New Teenfactor revamp, he is also a mathematical and scientific genius.


Has a costume with an exponents symbol on it. In New Teenfactor, he wears thick nerd glasses.