Iron Canary

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Iron Canary is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland. with help from Lee's Useless Superhero Generator
Alter Ego: Patricia Lynn Lyons
Aliases: Pig Latin Lass
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Member of Action Legion Poland, former member of Teenfactor
Usability: Free For Use


Patricia Lynn Lyons comes from a distinguished and highly eccentric family in Poland. Her brother Susan became Alpha Lord, Poland's foremost supervillain, and she was sent to America to escape him. Soon, she was recruited by the Teenfactor program, and started dating her teammate Exponents Lad. During a battle with the Time Crapper, Exponents Lad duplicated her and the duplicate was sucked into a time portal, which somehow cured her of her need to speak in Pig Latin. But Exponents Lad himself fell into a seemingly permanent coma shortly afterwards, and she took him to Poland to recover.

This was not the end of her career as a net.hero, though. Upon her return to Poland, a relative willed her the Iron Canary armor and Alpha Lord returned at the head of the Perplexing Random Batallion of Poland. Patricia became Iron Canary and joined Action Legion Poland to fight him; they enlisted the aid of Teenfactor.

She has remained in Poland since then, but may have reunited with the other surviving members of Teenfactor to fight the zombie Gerald Ford. During the sabertooth crisis, she and the Random Batallion were summoned to fight Perfect Omegacron X by the GreenRingKnight, after which she requested a ride back home.

Continuity Note

Since Amabel Holland has elsewhirled the original Teenfactor series, some or all of Pig Latin Lass's history may no longer be canon. (Especially since "Patricia Lynn Lyons" is not even remotely a Polish name.) She was the only founding member of the team not included in the New Teenfactor revamp, with Carolyn Forge taking her place.

However, at the end of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, the power of the Rings of Retcon and Continuity were explicitly used to "restore [her] to continuity in a form that made slightly more sense", with the narration marking her as a "Teenfactor veteran and national hero of Poland", so she clearly has some kind of history with the team.


As Pig Latin Lass, she was bubbly and outgoing. As Iron Canary, she has become more of a determined leader.

Powers and Abilities

As Pig Latin Lass, she could speak only in Pig Latin but switch this condition with anyone else, gaining the ability to speak their language. As Iron Canary, she wears a suit of powered armor.


She has high cheekbones, glassy blue eyes, and wears her hair in a braid. As Iron Canary she wears a suit of armor resembling a canary.