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The Unhumans are a genetically engineered offshoot of humanity who live in Antarctica. They may be a branch or alternate Hypertext Timeline version of the !Humans.

Known Unhumans

  • 1000 Fonts Wizard, their former ruler, who was exiled and later sought revenge on them as part of the Fountain Pen Four.
  • Madame Follicle, who had the power to control her hair like Yukako Yamagishi in Diamond is Unbreakable (or Medusa I guess), who joined the Fountain Pen Four when she was amnesiac and was rescued by Shaggy.
  • Sandy, her cousin, who fell in love with Shaggy and dated him for a time.
  • The Hooved Man, her brother, who was not fond of Shaggy and challenged him to a fight twice.